Los Tauras

All the way from Rosario, Argentina we are pleased to welcome cuinteto “Los Tauras” for the first time in the UK. Founded by Carlos Quilici in 1995 the quintet Los Tauras are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year and will be performing on our milongas on Friday and Saturday.

A real joy and honour not to be missed!


For a little taster check out one of their performances here:


Founder Carlos Quilici is well known in the UK and Europe and has delighted us last year with his spectacular orquesta tipica. Carlos has studied amongst others with Domingo Federico and his influence can sometime still be heard in his compositions.


Carlos Quilici


Los Tauras” on their 20th Anniversary Tour:


Carlos Quilici & Los Tauras quintet

Carlos Quilici
Bandoneon & direction

Domingo Porta
Double bass

Martín Tessa

Electric Guitar

Víctor Parma


Simón Lagier

Created in 1995 by Carlos Quilici in Rosario (Argentina).
The repertoire is for concerts or for dancing in milongas. It includes a mix of well known old times tangoes and Quilici’s own compositions.

The arrangements and adaptations generally belong to Quilici. All this proposes a balance between traditional and modern tango, respecting the original melodies combined with a strong rhythm section.

“Los Tauras” have recorded 5 CDs, and have been touring Europe almost every year since 2003.