DJ Anto, El Tordo & DJ Anke 


A pleasure to have in Nottingham for the first time DJ Anto will be DJing on our Saturday milonga.


DJ Anto


DJ Anto started DJing in 2008 and she’s one of Edinburgh’s resident DJs. She regularly plays at Tangoteq, one of the main regular milongas in Edinburgh. She also played music for larger events, such as the Edinburgh International Tango Festival and Bailongo. DJ Anto’s music ranges from early thirties’ to the early fifties.



Ricardo Peixoto

DJ El Tordo

Ricardo is a familiar face in the midlands milongas. Originally trained by Ricardo Oria and Damian Boggio he has DJed in a wide variety of events, always with critical acclaim. He will be DJing on the Friday milonga.

Ricardo tries to establish a connection between himself, the dancers, and the music. He feels that playing the music and understanding the dancers’ energy is as demanding and rewarding as dancing itself.


DJ Anke White

DJ Anke White

Anke is a well known DJ in our area, most of you will know her from her own milonga in Lutterworth where she always delights everyone with her tasteful choice of music. A fine dancer herself Anke always finds wonderful tracks of D’Arienzo’s orchestra and is one of the rare DJs who knows how to introduce less often played tracks into her milonga.

Anke will be DJing on Sunday for the Farewell milonga.